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Principal's Message

October 6th, 2021

Hello Parents and Guardians!

APS Fall Break, October 7th and 8th, is here...Whewf!  Just in time to enjoy beautiful weather too!

Coming back from Fall Break, October 11th will be an A Day, Odd numbered class periods, no Advisory.

October 12th will be a regular Tuesday schedule.

October 13th, PSAT Test Day

October 14th, Regular Thursday schedule.

October 15th, Regular A Day schedule.

This message is to provide you information about our PSAT Test scheduled October 13th.  On October 13th, PSAT testers will come to school, and no other students will.

Here's more information about PSAT from our test coordinator, Donna Jones:

APS has designated next Wednesday, October 13,2021, as a PSAT/NMSQT testing only day.

This test measures the knowledge and skills in reading, writing and math that students are learning at school that they need for college and career readiness.  Scores will be reported the first week in December.

All APS 10th graders have been registered to take the PSAT/NMSQT on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.  Juniors that signed-up before the deadline are also scheduled to test. The test will be administered in the morning at Cibola, and students will be allowed an early release after lunch.  If your student needs bus transportation home, the buses will run at the normal time and there will be activities on campus for the students to participate in after lunch.   

This means:

Freshman (Expected Graduation Year 2025) - No School

Sophomores and reclassified freshmen (Expected Grad Year 2024) - Take the PSAT

Juniors (Expected Grad Year 2023) - No School unless you signed up to take the PSAT

Seniors (Expected Grad Year 2022) - No School

Students will not be able to have their cell phones during testing.  Cell phones will be required to be turned off and stored away for the duration of testing.

Please make sure your 10th grader reports to school on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at their normal time to take this important test.  

If you have any added questions about this test, please email Donna Jones at

If you have any questions for me, otherwise, I will respond to your replies.

Pamela Meyer, Principal, Cibola High School

September 14th, 2021

Hello Cibola Parents and Guardians!

A hearty congratulations to our Girls Soccer and Volleyball teams who earned the distinction of Metro/District Championships very recently.  Way to go teams! 

I want to again thank you all for entrusting your sons and daughters to our educational experts at Cibola each day.  While you may hear tell of some district enrollment declines this year, we are holding steady at Cibola thanks to your support and trust.  This year has a few challenges, but we "got this!"

We are currently fully hired with teachers, but we do need four more in each of these important role groups:   Night Custodians and Educational Assistants.  If you know of anyone who might be interested, would you pass on this information?

Educational Assistant

Night Custodian

Thank you for your help in spreading the word.

Also, there have been some instances of vandalism in the school when some students make poor choices mostly while out of class on bathroom breaks.  Our teachers may be requesting that students leave their phone with the teacher when they leave the classroom on a pass to the bathroom.  Students just might hurry back to class to get their cell phones.  Win, win.  I appreciate your patience and support as we work to help assure that our school is a place everyone can feel proud of, safe within, and clean.

I also have an obligation to report a COVID positive case as well. Standard operating procedure.

COVID Positive Case Cibola September 13, 2021 

Thank you for your help in keeping your kids home if they have any COVID symptoms.  It's hard because these are also cold and flu symptoms largely.  Please report COVID positive cases to the school so we can keep our kids healthy and follow CDC and DOH protocols for applicable contact tracing.

Did I say thank you?  Thanks again. We appreciate you!

Pamela Meyer, Principal

August 31st, 2021

Good morning,

I apologize for this late notice, but school administration has decided to postpone Open House.  We will not be conducting Open House September 1st as a cautionary measure that will reduce family visitors on campus at this time.  Cibola typically welcomes 200-300 parents for Open House each year.

This year, the school district has designated Parent Conferences for November 22-23. There is no school on these days, but teachers will be inviting parents who would like an individual conference with a teacher to schedule an appointment.  This year's parent conferences are traditional, meaning that they are not student-led.  The conferences are an opportunity for parents to meet with individual teachers at their discretion as they may feel is necessary given student progress.

In addition, you are always welcome to contact teachers.  Teacher contact information is available on the Cibola High School website, and most returning teachers have syllabi for courses taught available on their individual Cibola school website.  Teachers are still updating their websites, currently, to be updated by the end of September, so please be patient if you do not see a teacher website for a teacher and/or the syllabi are not yet current for this school year.

We welcome parent communication and participation in students' education, and we will possibly schedule an Open House later in the school year depending on the state of our health order, state guidance and such.

We are doing everything possible to keep schools open, so extra safety precautions are a good idea to this purpose. We are exercising additional responsible choices such as not conducting full-school assemblies right now.

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support.  Of course, I welcome your ideas, comments and questions with each correspondence I send to you.


Principal Meyer

August 16th, 2021

Hello Parents and Staff:)

Our first 4 days of school have gone great!  We are so happy to see our kiddos' faces, well, their masked faces:) We did experience a few bumps in the (opening of the school year after/during a pandemic) road, but I think all in all, it sure is great to be a Coog!

The buses are one of the first hurdles some of you are jumping..there is a lack of bus drivers which is causing some routes to be delayed in running or resulting in a change in route or bus number.  

If you want direct information, it is best to reach out to APS Direct Dispatch at (505) 298-6831. 

Before you call, though, you can check out your son or daughter's bus route to see if there has been changes to the bus stop, pick up/drop off time(s) and/or to the bus number.  Use the MyBusStop tool.

Cibola Open House will be September 1, 2021 from 6-8 PM.  Come meet your student's teachers and staff.  We will be sending out an Open House Schedule soon!  We hope to see you for this important event. Remember to wear a mask inside of school buildings!

And now, a few words about school pictures...

Picture day will be on August 17 and 18.  All students need to be photographed regardless of their intention to purchase pictures. Come on Coogs...let's look good!

Seniors also need to take pictures for IDs if they did not have their senior pictures taken by July 31st with Kenneth Brown.  When senior classes head downstairs, Kenneth Brown will have a list of the seniors that took their pictures over the summer.  Those students do not need to take pictures again, just those that were not photographed this summer. 

Students will take their pictures in Health, Geography, World History, American History, Government, or Econ.  Teachers are informed, and students will plan to spend 10-15 minutes in the concourse each period for picture purposes.

Student IDs will be printed using these photos and should be delivered by August 27th.

Food...things are going better in regards to food...the lines have become manageable as many kids learn what to do.  The snack bar we expect will open this week, and our beverage vending machines are stocked. Vending machines will be stocked this week. The cafeteria experienced a freezer that broke and we are waiting for a part to come in for repair. This means that the cafeteria staff have had to go off menu and serve different menu items until the freezer is back up and running. Food is free in the cafeteria...amazing!  Our food service staff is working very hard, and we have not run out of meals once:)

Well, that does it for now!

Thank you for trusting us with your kids every day!

And thank you for your ongoing support.


Principal Meyer

August 11th, 2021

Hello Cibola Parents and Guardians!

We are excited to welcome your students back to in-person learning tomorrow:). I want to provide a bit more information to help you plan tonight before the big day back.

We know that you know that students must wear a standard style mask to cover nose and mouth. We ask for your support in this while the student is inside the building or on a school bus. Masks may be removed to eat or drink, and the mask must be arranged securely in place directly following eating or drinking. We are so thrilled to get back to in-person learning.  No students who are not athletes (for practice or games) will be required to show proof of vaccination. 

Please do not send your students to school if they do not feel well.  If your student is not well at school, parents will be contacted and the student will not continue in classes until we quickly determine the specifics of the ailment.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided in the cafeteria with no cost to students. The snack bar will not be open until August 18th due to a shortage in pizza and staffing at the restaurant with whom we do business.  This business adheres to the designated nutritional guidelines.  Also, students who are working in the snack bar have to be certified this year, so we need a bit of time. We appreciate your patience.  Vending machines are not yet stocked, so please come with a snack and water to tide you over.  Students in the Grad Year 2022 will be permitted to leave campus for lunch if selected as an option. All other students must remain on campus for lunch.

Students, grades 10-12, wishing to purchase a parking permit may do so by coming in between classes or at lunch to the main office.  Students must show a drivers license and current car insurance, in addition to showing vehicle registration.

We hope all families are online registered by now, but if you are not quite finished with that process, we still want your student at school.  Send your student to school (or come with your student if new to APS or Cibola and you have not yet registered or pre-registered,) and we will support all our students in getting back to classes.

Students should take a screenshot of their class schedule and report to their first class tomorrow. We will be on our regular Monday bell schedule with NO ADVISORY class.  We will use this schedule Wednesday through Friday of this week and our first very important Advisory Class will be on Monday, August 16th when we will run a Monday with Advisory schedule.  See the Cibola School Website for more bell schedule information.

Students who do not have or can't access Student Vue, and can't screenshot their schedule can come to the main office for a paper copy of their schedule.

Newly registered students who do not yet have a schedule, should report directly to the counseling office.

Students wishing to change their schedule, must do so on the Cibola Website under Counselors.  Students may not come to the counseling office to change their schedule unless unable to complete the request using our website.

We will have grade-level assemblies tomorrow 2nd through 5th periods.  Teachers will inform your students in class. All students should report to their classes first thing, and teachers will take attendance and upon an announcement by the main office, the correct grade-level class will be escorted to the Performing Arts Center by the teachers.

Students will receive their temporary ID's through their 2nd period class teachers on Thursday, August 12th.  Permanent ID's for this year will be done on August 17th and 18th.

Due to a shortage of bus drivers, the following bus routes will not run this week:  APS apologizes for the inconvenience:

Bus #1127, 1143, 1152, 1169, 1175, 1202, and 1263.

As usual, if you have questions, ask by responding to this email.

Welcome back everyone!

We are so happy to have you!


Pamela Meyer, Principal

July 29th, 2021

Dear Cibola Parents and Guardians,

Here is some important planning and preparation news for a brand new school year of in-person learning! The first day of school is Wednesday, August 11th, and we will run a schedule in which all classes except Advisory will meet.  We will conduct grade level assemblies in the Performing Arts Center as follows:

2nd period:  Freshmen

3rd period:  Seniors

4th period:  Sophomores

5th period:  Juniors

All students should report to classes first, and they will be alerted as to when they will go with their class to the PAC.

Temporary ID's will be issued to each student through classroom teachers on the first day of school.  We will issue permanent ID's during the month of August.

Student class schedules will be available for view in Student Vue on August 4th.  Students wishing to request a schedule change who want to speak to their school counselor for any other reason may do so by emailing their counselor.  Counselor assignments have changed from grade level to alpha by last name.  The way to access the correct counselor assigned to your student is to go to the Cibola website under Our School, Counseling. From there, you can email your counselor or schedule an appointment with your counselor.

I'm sure you have heard about the mask mandate approved by the APS Board of Education on July 28th.  Masks will be required for all staff and students inside of all school buildings and on school buses, but are not required outdoors. Masks will be required inside of buildings until further notice, and all students and staff will be required to wear one properly. We will have extras as may be needed.  No bandanas or gaitors will substitute as a mask.  Face shields in lieu of a mask will be approved only with doctor's note.  Students may be sent home with a parent contact if, after warnings, he/she refuses to comply with the mask mandate.

There are NMDOH immunization clinics readily available, and one session will be hosted at Cibola High School on August 4th from 2-6 PM.  These shot clinics offer all school-required immunizations as well as COVID vaccines. COVID vaccines are available for students 12 years old and up.  Attached below, is the flyer.

Immunization Clinics 

APS meals will be free to all students this school year, and breakfast and lunch will be served in the school cafeteria each school day. The snack bar and vending machines will also available for students.

We will resume our one-lunch schedule currently posted on the school website under Bell Schedule.  Students in the 2022 Graduation Year Cohort will be allowed to leave for lunch if they choose.

Students must bring their Chromebooks to school each day, fully charged or with their charger.  Teachers will be using this technology as part of their teaching strategies within the classrooms.  Students who need a Chromebook will be issued one in the main office. Students whose Chromebook is not working properly can also trade for a working Chromebook. The main office is open from 7-3:30 daily.

As of 7/28, we have 354 students/parents who have not yet started online registration.  Secretaries have been making phone calls and sending emails to families for the past two weeks to remind that online registration is required for all students.  

If you need help with online registration, please call the main office at 897-0110, dial zero, between the hours of 7-3:00. Any of our secretaries can check if you are online registered or can assist you if you are stuck in the process.

Parents who Do Not have access to a computer at home can register in person on Monday, August 9th from 8-11 beginning in the main entrance concourse.  You may arrive anytime between 8-11, and anticipate a half hour or more process.

Parents/legal guardians and students who ARE online registered, are not required to register in person.

Returning Students (This includes incoming freshmen and transfer students who attended an APS school last school year:)  To register online or in-person on 8/9 from 8-11 AM (if you cannot online register,) returning APS student's legal guardians will need 2 proofs of residency.  We will accept any 2 of these forms of proof:  a current PNM or NM Gas Bill, lease agreement or mortgage statement, voter registration, or current property tax bill or a drivers license with current address.  You must also provide an updated immunization record if your immunization record has been updated this past school year.  We will have a list of approved transfer students as applicable.

New to APS Students:  If you are new to APS for this school year, legal guardians must provide 2 proofs of residency.  We will accept any 2 of these forms of proofs:  a current PNM or NM Gas Bill, lease agreement or mortgage statement, voter registration, or current property tax bill or a drivers license with current address. You must also provide a birth certificate and immunization records, as well as a current transcript.  We will have a list of approved transfer students as may be applicable.

Student Invites:  All students are invited to the concourse on August 5th from 8-10 OR 12-2 to buy lockers, purchase a parking permit (grades 10-12 to start,) and more! Any student wishing to come to campus may do so:). There will be campus tours available for sophomores or for any student who has not been on Cibola campus.  See you there!

Freshman Jumpstart:  All incoming freshmen are invited to attend an optional jumpstart with campus tours on August 6th from 9-11:30, and meeting in the concourse.  PE Uniforms and lockers will be sold as optional to students. Transportation cannot be provided, but we hope to see many of our Class of 2025 students here! For more information, email Ms. Hay at

Freshman orientation sessions will occur on the first day of school through classroom teachers as well, and will offer a more in-depth look at student life at Cibola!

Please let me know if you have any further questions:). I'll keep you posted as we approach our first day of school and as there may be changes or updates that are immediately important in nature.

Welcome or welcome back to Cibola High School!

Principal Meyer

July 15th, 2021


I hope your summer has been excellent so far!  We are gearing up for an awesome new school year!  We have some information now, and we await a bit more before the first day of school, August 11th!  I'll tell you what I know now:)

Cibola will conduct in-person learning beginning August 11th within a traditional school year/schedule and within a standardized high school instructional bell schedule. The instructional bell schedule (same one-lunch schedule as the 2019-2020 school year) will be posted on the website soon, and will be sent to staff and students via social media, email, and other sources.

Student schedules will be available in StudentVue beginning August 4th! 


Online registration is required for all families wishing to attend Cibola High School this coming school year.  It's required every year in all schools.  Do know that if you have not uploaded your required documents, you are not online registered yet and cannot be approved as such.  If you need help with online registration, please contact our enrollment clerk, Jessica, at

We will NOT be conducting in-person registration like schools have done in the past. There is no need to take time off work or summer to register in person. (Website info. being updated soon:) 

We will be offering some opportunities for in-person sessions, however.

August 9th:  8-11 AM, Concourse:  In person registration for all those who do not have access to a computer will be conducted on August 9th.  If you need to come in during this time, legal guardians must bring their driver's license, and a utility bill with your physical address dated no more than a month ago.  Leases can be provided if you do not have a current utility bill with your physical address listed. If you are an approved transfer, we will have the list available to us.

August 5th:

Session 8-10 AM


Session 12-2 PM

We welcome Cibola students to come to the Cibola concourse to buy a locker, see the school layout if you've never been here in person:0), pay past-due fines/fees if you can, buy a 20/21 yearbook, or buy a parking permit...sophomores, juniors and seniors get first dibs on parking permits, and later this semester, parking lot space permitted, freshmen with drivers licenses can potentially purchase a parking permit at a cost of $30.00.

If you are interested in purchasing a permit, you will need your driver's license, registration, current proof of insurance, and 21/22 parking permit application.  Information, along with the 21/22 permit application, will be forthcoming.  If you purchase your parking permit on August 5th, the cost will be $30.00 (early purchase incentive:) After that, the cost increases to $35.00.

Students can purchase lockers for $5.00, and must bring your own combination lock or buy a lock from us (no key locks.) Students wishing to purchase a locker must provide the combination so we will have it on file.

Seniors! You will be allowed to reserve your parking space for this year.  If you would like to reserve a space, you must purchase a parking permit on August 5th from 8-10 or 12-2 or on August 10th between 8 and 9 AM.  In order to reserve a spot, the senior must attend the parking spot painting session, and personalize their space between the hours of 8-11 on August 10th.  There will be an additional charge of $5.00 (paid upon arrival August 10th) to reserve a space and the participating students must provide their own paint supplies and broom.  This will be the only opportunity to reserve a parking space for this year, and there may be a limited number of spaces available.  The funds generated from this activity will be used to help fund the purchase of the senior class T-shirts for all of the Class of 2022.  Seniors will be given additional details and ideas for parking spot painting on the senior Remind and @cibolacoogs on Instagram.

Freshman Jumpstart! August 6th, 9-11:30:  Lockers and PE Uniforms will be sold during this orientation.

There will be an optional freshman jumpstart orientation on August 6th from 8-11 beginning in the concourse.  We are hoping all freshmen can attend, but we understand if any freshmen cannot attend. Students must provide their own transportation, and this activity is for students only.  If you would like to buy a locker, bring $5.00 and either buy a combination lock here or bring your own.  No keyed locks are allowed on lockers.  You must provide your combination so that the school has it on file.

PE uniforms/clothing will be sold on August 6th as well. They are not required, (students can wear their own athletic clothing) but the uniforms are recommended.  Cibola PE workout uniforms are $20.00.

If you cannot attend this jumpstart event, we will have freshmen jumpstart on August 11th and 12th as well, and each of your freshman's teachers will provide all your 9th Grader will need to know to acclimate to Cibola.  Students who attend Jumpstart will enhance their knowledge of the school on August 11th and 12th. We hope to see your freshmen soon!  For more information, contact Ms. Hay at

COVID Specific Information:  While I do suspect that mask requirements will be in effect for all staff and students not vaccinated in full, I do not have all of the pandemic-related information you may be seeking as of yet.  I will send an update when I have that information for you.

Attached is a got shots flyer for you if interested:  Got Shots Flyer 2021 

We look forward to a great year Coogs!

We can't wait to see all of your smiling faces!

Principal Meyer:)

July 6th, 2021

Hello Cibola Parents and Students!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

The 20/21 yearbooks are in now, and will be distributed this Friday, July 9th from 1-3 PM in the concourse.  You may also come purchase a yearbook during that time if you wish, $80.00 cash or money order only.  I think this book looks great even with the pandemic school year we've all just lived!  Don't miss out!  For more information, reach out to our yearbook sponsor, Michael Garcia at

Also, please remember to register online.  Online registration is required for all students/families regardless of whether we have in-person registration this August or not.  If you need information on how to do this, visit our Cibola website at  Or, for more specific questions, if you are still having trouble completing online registration reach out to our enrollment clerk, Jessica Atencio at

2022 Graduates, Hey Seniors!  Here's a message from Kenneth Brown Photography about senior photos:


IMPORTANT - Senior photos must be taken NO LATER than July 31st to get your senior photo ID and get your photo done for the senior yearbook section. KB Photo still has openings, but they are filling up fast. If you are not photographed by July 31st you will have an underclass style photo for your student ID PLUS once school starts you will be even busier and it may be hard to get in to take your senior photos. The summer is the best time to get this done.

There are tons of different session options (see attached flyer) including:

ANY SESSION BELOW will get you yearbook photos to get into the Senior Section of the yearbook.

  1. $25 - 1 Outfit "Mini" session - $25
  2. $30 "Grad" indoor session at studio (2 outfits indoor)
  3. $60 "Super Senior" Indoor & Outdoor session at studio (1 outfit outdoor + 1 outfit indoor)
  4. $60 "On Location" photo shoots (UNM Duck Pond, Old Town, Bosque, Grafitti Alley, Downtown, Botanical Gardens - only available on specific days - these include 1 outfit and are nice outdoor options for those of you that are wanting to practice social distancing)


See all available appointment times and BOOK ONLINE, Click 2022 Seniors book online and ABQ Area Seniors.

*All seniors who would like to be in senior section of yearbook must take a yearbook photo with Kenneth Brown Photography

**The studio is located at 207 Candelaria NW Suite B, Albuquerque, NM 87107.

***Dress code is strictly enforced for the yearbook photos. If your outfit does not meet school Dress code you will need to reschedule at your own expense.

Please remember that these sessions are open for seniors at many other high schools in ABQ/Rio Rancho & Bernalillo so please book as soon as possible to get your desired date.

I'll be back with you all soon regarding registration, parking permits, lockers, freshman orientation process, student ID's, PE uniforms, and more!  We just need to firm up some details with district and state first.

The first day of school for students is August 11th.  If we conduct in-person registration following online registration this summer, the days will be divided up alpha by last name on August 5th or 6th.  Information forthcoming...

Enjoy your July, and stay cool out there!

Be sure and ask any questions you may have by replying to this message if you would like.

Principal Meyer