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Principal's Message

April 6th, 2021

Hello Parents!

It's been a good couple of days with about 670 students returning to in-person learning. With a school built for 2,000+ students, and two lunches, we are able to accommodate our in person learners with safety in mind.

There have been some unforeseen wireless concerns. The school district is addressing the matter in that they diagnosed the very elusive problem (this took most of yesterday,) coordinated a work-around today, and are flying the contractors responsible for the total fix in tomorrow morning.  So, we missed some opportunities for online learning yesterday and some of today, but we may just have it in hand now.  Teachers posted assignments for their remote learners in Google Classrooms.

The DOH is now accepting registrations for COVID vaccinations for all individuals who are age 16+.  If you are interested, please register quickly to get your teenager vaccinated as soon as possible.

Vaccine Registration

If you are in remote learning, grab and go meals are available every Wednesday from 11-1 at these locations:

West Mesa Aquatic Center. 6705 Fortuna Rd NW 87105

APS Food Services:  800 Louisiana Blvd. NW 87108

Summer School for Credit Recovery is free for all APS Students this summer!  For more information, click on this link:

Summer School 2021 Flyer 

Thank you for your encouragement, support and patience.


Pamela Meyer, Principal

April 5th, 2021

Hello Cibola Parents,

It is April 5th, and today we had students back inside the school building!  The most telling thing about it is how cheerful everyone was, staff and students alike!  There was a little confusion about the lunches and where to go here and there, but it has been a great day, overall:)

Just a few updates to keep you in the loop...  Remember, your son or daughter can return to remote learning or begin coming for in-person learning at any point this semester, and you do not have to formally communicate with the school regarding it.

Here is a message from APS about wireless technical issues today:

Many Albuquerque Public School students who returned to schools for in-person learning today are experiencing connectivity issues with their laptops in the classroom. Reports from several campuses indicate difficulty securing consistent, high-speed internet connection.

Teachers who have hardwired connectivity in school buildings do not appear to be impacted.

Students learning remotely have not reported problems accessing the internet today.

The district is troubleshooting the sporadic connectivity disruption caused by a yet unknown failure in an internal core network device. We hope to identify and resolve the issue soon.  

Flexibility has been a staple of pandemic learning. Teachers again today are working around the connectivity challenge, so teaching and learning may continue.

Bus Transportation:  It is my understanding that all bus routes ran today.  It has, however, come to my attention that Herrera Bus Company (who contract with APS) do not have bus drivers for the following routes:

Bus #1143, 1152, and 1202.  These routes will not provide bus transportation until further notice.

Student Parking:  Licensed and insured student drivers may only park in the senior lot if they are Grad Year 2021 students.  All other student drivers must park in the Junior Lot.  Only seniors are permitted to leave for lunch. We ask that students comply with these rules.

Breakfast and Lunch:  Today we served only 35 breakfasts and 277 lunches.  The meals are free!  We think we had over 600 students on campus today, so there is plenty of food to take advantage of.

Sign in Each Day:  Every day in all classes, students are asked to complete a quick electronic sign in that helps us with contact tracing if/when we need to do that.  Some students did this well today, others did not do it at all and some signed in with nicknames.  Please ask your students who are coming in-person to please sign in for each class properly every day.

Masks:  Students did a good job wearing masks today.  We did notice a few wearing the neck cloths that you pull up over your face and/or wearing a handkerchief as a mask. These are not considered adequate face masks, and are inferior coverage compared to standard face masks.  If students are wearing these instead of a standard face mask tomorrow, the first class teacher will provide a face mask to the student and ask the student to change into it.  If students are continually defiant with the wearing of face masks properly, they will be sent home with a call to parent, and will not be allowed to return to in-person learning.

Lunches:  We are trying to alleviate confusion about what lunch your son or daughter has on certain school days.  Here is a handy guide to follow:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

A lunch if your 5th period class is in E Hall, Portables or Gym.

B lunch if your 5th period class is in A, B, C, D or F Hall.


A lunch if your 4th period class is in E Hall, Portables or Gym

B lunch if your 4th period class is in A, B, C, D or F Hall

We appreciate your support in helping our students learn in or out of in-person learning.


Principal Meyer

March 31st, 2021

Hello Cibola Parents!

We are so happy to welcome back our in-person learners on April 5th.  We will continue to provide excellent instruction for students choosing to remain in remote learning as well!

So, what if you change your mind about in-person or remote learning for your student?  There is nothing you have to officially do to choose in-person or remote learning options.  Teachers will adapt with your decisions.

We do ask that if your student commits to in-person learning that they do not pick and choose, that they come to school everyday that they feel well.  We will document their presence in each classroom each day using a Google Doc., and of course, by taking attendance as per usual. Students are not able to come to some classes and not to others.  They must remain on campus until they have attended all classes as per their schedule.

We ask that all students leave campus directly after school if they are not staying for extracurricular activities.

We will have paper copies of all students' schedules in the concourse for students who need them on April 5th.  We will also have cloth masks there for any student who wants one. If a student needs direction to a classroom, we will be in concourse to help:)

Seniors must report to the concourse when they arrive on campus to pick up their ID's.  Only seniors will have an ID so they can leave campus for lunch if they choose.  No parking permits are required for any student. Licensed and insured student drivers may park at our school for classes.

We will use this schedule starting Monday for both remote and in-person learners.  The schedule now goes from 7:25-2:25!

Cibola High School Schedule April 5 2021 

Students will have lunch according to their 4th period class location on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and according to their 5th period class location on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Students with 4th or 5th period ECad Lab will have B Lunch.

For any other lunch or schedule questions, please email our Activities Director, Jeanine Chavez at

CEC classes will remain in virtual learning.  All CEC students will report to our library for CEC classes.

Students who have CEC classes 6th or 7th period, or students who have early dismissal and are done with the classes for the day are permitted to leave campus if they have means to do so.

All Bus Routes are available to students. Check times. Some routes have been extended or consolidated, so pick up/drop off times might be altered.  If you don't see the information you are seeking when you click on this link, contact APS Transportation directly at (505) 880-3989.

Bus Route Information

If you choose to pick up or drop off your student, you will enter through the Junior Lot on the West Side of the school.

For the remainder of this semester, there will be no eating allowed in hallways, offices or classrooms. Eating outside is encouraged, but the cafeteria and concourse are available for meals as well.

Students should come each day with a fully charged Chromebook. We will not issue lockers, so a backpack is recommended.  Students should bring as much water as they plan to drink for the day.

Any other questions you may have are addressed in this APS Back to School Checklist.

APS B2S Checklist 2021 

And, if you should need any further information, please ask me!

We are excited to welcome students back to school, and we ask for your students' and your support in helping with safety on campus.

Thank you! 

Pamela Meyer, Principal

March 19th, 2021

Hello Cibola Parents,

I hope you are doing well:). And Spring Break is on the way next week! There is quite a bit of information in this edition.  Bear with me.

Teachers will double down preparations for in-person student return right after Spring Break.  Student return to in-person learning is optional per family discretion.

The teachers will be engaged in these preparations, professional development and classroom setup.  There will be no in-person small groups on campus the week of March 29th with the exception of freshman jumpstart on April 1st.  See invitation below.  Athletic and Activity practices will continue after school as applicable to your student.

If you have not completed the district survey on your intentions for your student(s) return to campus, and to notify about your transportation needs, please do.  Return to Campus Survey

For the week of March 29th, we will continue in remote learning as follows:

  • Monday, March 29  Synchronous learning as usual; No Asynchronous time PM. We will operate on a Monday schedule.
  • Tuesday, March 30  Synchronous learning as usual; No Asynchronous time PM
  • Wednesday, March 31 Synchronous learning as usual; No Asynchronous time PM
  • Thursday, April 1  No Google Meet learning.  Students will have independent work.
  • Freshman Jumpstart, April 1, 12:30-2:25. Participation is optional, but recommended for freshmen planning to return April 5th.  No transportation can be provided.

Hey Couglets!

Would you like a tour of Cibola before the crowds shuffle in? 

Sign up for Freshman Academy Tours- Jump Start- Tour on @SignUpdotcom today! Freshman Academy Tours - Jump Start Sign Up

You can sign up for a 15-20 minute tour to be held on Thursday, April 1st between 12:30-2:30 (asynchronous time).

See you then! 

Your Freshman Academy Team 

  • Friday, April 2. Vernal Holiday, No School

April 5th Return to School OR Stay-At-Home learners:

  • We are requiring all students who commit to returning to campus for in-person instruction to commit to coming to school everyday unless they are sick.  If a student is sick, they must stay home on these days and, if able, participate in remote learning.
  • A student/family can change their minds and a student begin coming to school to learn at any point; Likewise, students can return to remote learning at any point.  No communication with school is required to do this.
  • Teachers will teach in-person learners at the same time they are teaching at-home learners.
  • Students at home will log in to each class period, and should remain logged in throughout each class.
  • This is the schedule we will use for ALL LEARNERS as of April 5th:
  • Cibola High School Bell Schedule Effective April 5, 2021 for All Students 

Here are a few pointers:

  • Pre-packaged breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students at NO COST.  The snack bar will not be in use.  Vending Machines will be stocked.
  • Seniors may leave campus for lunch.  Only seniors can park in the senior lot.  School ID's will be provided to only seniors this semester
  • No parking permits will be required.  
  • Grab and Go Meals will be provided for remote learners at different sites in the city.  Visit for information.
  • Students must bring their fully charged Chromebooks to campus each day.  They should bring their own water bottles each day.  Water fountains will not be in use.
  • Air Conditioning will be on in full April 5th for the remainder of the semester.  Dress in layers.
  • Students may not share materials.
  • Teacher laptop cameras will be used in the classroom to benefit remote learners; used only for instructional purposes to equitably reach all learners.
  • No class materials can be shared.
  • No PE uniforms are required; students are asked to wear their own workout clothing; no locker or weight rooms will be used.

School Safety:

  • If you would like to review our readiness to return to school safely, review Return to School Safely
  • Students will gain an in-person return tutorial during Advisory, March 29th, which will include:
    • Students and staff are required to wear face masks on campus unless eating or drinking.  Eating and drinking will occur in concourse, cafeteria or outdoors only.  For drinks of water during class time, students can step into hallway briefly.
    • Face shields do NOT substitute for Face Masks.
    • Students who are defiant with the Face Mask rule, following reminders and warnings, will be sent home and will not be allowed to return to in-person learning this semester.
    • COVID positive cases may result in school shut downs; PED/APS makes this decision case by case.
    • AC will be on in all classes April 5th to help with ventilation.  Dress accordingly.
    • The instructional schedule will allow for two lunches, and is a standardized, approved high school schedule.
    • We are expected to socially distance to the greatest extent possible.
    • Campus and Restroom Vigilance and Supervision will be ongoing throughout the day.
    • We will do the best we possibly can, and we are ready to do just that with your help and support!

And, now PromComing Information!


Have an excellent Spring Break!

As usual, I welcome questions, concerns, praise for our staff etc:)

Principal Meyer

March 15th, 2021

Hello Cibola Parents!

We are engaging in final touches to welcome students whose parents choose for them to return to school on April 5th.

APS is requesting that you complete this survey to declare whether you choose remote or in-person learning as of April 5th or whether you are undecided.

The school will consider any non-responses as an indication your student will be returning.

Return to School Survey

I will message you after Spring Break with more information to get us all started.

Thank you!

Principal Meyer

March 8th, 2021

Hello Parents,

The PED has determined that all school staff registered for the vaccine will get an invitation for a vaccination appointment within the next three weeks.

By April 5th, all districts are required to provide in-person learning at all school to all students who wish to return to school physically. Schools must provide remote learning to all students whose families wish for them to continue learning remotely.

This is a quick shift, and we will adapt.  

Principals will receive additional guidance as early as tomorrow during a principal briefing with district leadership.

With that said, I will update you frequently along the way.

Our in-person afternoon sessions will continue as planned, meanwhile.

Athletics and NMAA sanctioned activities can now practice in full, following district and NMAA health order guidelines, and we will provide updates regarding this element as we receive them.

As always, thank you for your flexibility as the school district and schools make changes as required.


Principal Meyer

March 4th, 2021

Hello Cibola,

Cibola High School's In-person Learning Plan has been approved by Albuquerque Public Schools!

We are ready to get started with in-person instruction beginning the week of March 8th!  Yep! That's next week!  We will have our student senators at every door, greeting students, providing masks if needed, and pointing the way for students who are not familiar with the school building.  We are so anxious to see some of our students in person!

In-person instruction will occur on Mondays from 1:30 to 2:25, and Tuesday-Friday from 12:30-2:25 by teacher appointment only.

Your students will begin to get invitations from their teachers.  We do want to offer in-person support, as priority, to academically or socially struggling students first, but there will be opportunities, also, for all students to sign up for in-person instruction given instructor availability. Currently, we anticipate that we can potentially serve over 500 students over the course of each week.  Teachers can invite up to 50% of their classroom capacity at a time.

Teacher and Student participation in in-person instruction is voluntary, as the mainstay for instruction remains virtual from 8:15-12 Tuesday-Thursdays, and 8:15-1:20 on Mondays.

We ask that students arrive in a timely fashion, and that they remain with the same teacher for the full afternoon session, and that they come with a full water bottle and fully charged Chromebook.  We ask that students who are being picked up, be picked up promptly at 2:25 PM.

Students can park in the Junior Lot, Senior Lot, Faculty Lot or behind the school parking lot. We ask that they park closest to the classroom to which they are going.  Students will not need to purchase a parking permit.

The Junior Lot will still be our drop-off, pick-up area in the lane nearest the tennis courts. There will be no APS transportation provided.  While meals/snacks will not be provided to students during in-person learning, Grab and Go Meals will be offered in the Jr. Lot at Cibola on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2:30.

Students can participate in in-person instruction as long as they have signed up with a teacher, and as long as they have a confirmed appointment. Students may get more than one invitation on the same day, so they can choose which teacher's session they will attend, but they will not be allowed to go between teachers on the same day.

We cannot emphasize our COVID Safety Protocols Enough as follows:

  • All Students and Staff must wear a mask on campus at all times.
  • All Students and Staff must remain 6 feet apart at all times.
  • If your student is not feeling well for any reason, please do not allow him/her to come onto campus.
  • If there is a chance that your student has been exposed to someone who may have COVID, please keep him or her home until a negative COVID test result comes back for the person your student was in contact with.
  • If a student is defiant in following these rules, after one warning, the student and parent will be advised that the student cannot participate in in-person learning again this semester.
  • Students may not congregate outside or in hallways at any time.

Students will log in to a Google Doc in his/her classroom each day, so we can know what students are on campus and with whom. Each student's temperature will be taken and recorded daily.

We will have several office personnel, a nurse, administrators, a full custodial staff, and several staff hallway monitors/security present each day to enforce the COVID safety protocols, and to assist in any way needed.

Athletic practices will continue to be in pods of 5:1 March 8-21, as per guidelines, and then March 22nd, Athletics can resume in full.  Fall sports will have a limited season, Winter sports will have a partial season, and Spring Sports will have a full season. Spectators will not be allowed at games.  APS teams will compete only again other APS teams.

We are so happy to see some of these support systems for students resume!

But, I need to let you know that if we have 4 positive COVID cases in a two week period, in-person athletics and instruction will be shut down for 2 weeks.

Let's stick together to see this plan work in favor of our students!

As always, please ask any questions you may have.

Take good care!

Pamela Meyer

February 19th, 2021

Hello Cibola Parents and Guardians!

Following the Board of Education's decision to remain in virtual learning, but to allow schools to create a plan to allow small groups of students back to in-person instruction on a teacher and student voluntary basis, our school leaders have begun to plan.

Over the next two weeks, we will be building a plan to prioritize struggling students for this opportunity and to also build enrichment opportunities such as possible science labs, elective experiences and tactile learning platforms that cannot be accomplished well during virtual learning.

We will be safely limiting our numbers such that we are being purposeful about our sessions during asynchronous learning time.  This plan will not allow for a full 50% hybrid model, nor should it.  The sessions may be re-occurring or sporadically as need determines.

There will be no transportation or food services provided.

The in-person learning will begin on or before March 8th, and I will share the exact plan with you when it is completed and approved by the district.  All safety requirements, such as students and staff remaining 6 feet apart and wearing masks at all times, proper sanitation, and reinforcing expectations will be incorporated.  

APS is pursuing information from PED as to whether we can resume athletic competitions, so this information will be forthcoming.

I appreciate your support and understanding. We won't be able to get all students who wish to return back on campus, but we will develop a great plan that will positively impact our students in a meaningful way. I am asking for your trust that our educators will create the best possible strategies and asynchronous learning schedule for our students to begin to safely re-engage in person.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thank you!

Principal Meyer

February 12th, 2021

Hello Cibola Parents and Guardians,

I'm hoping you all are doing well:)

Well, we are off to a better start than at the start of the Fall semester!  Our teachers estimate that, on average, between 75-80% of our students are engaged in online learning with most teachers approximating that 80-90% of students are engaged to point.  

We continue to remain dedicated to pulling your students into virtual classrooms, and when students are not attending as indicated by 10 or more consecutive absences to the Google Meets each day, our Deans of Students reach out to parents.  We are trying not to bombard parents with communications about attendance coming from several sources, so if your students are not attending to the chronic level, you will receive correspondences from only the Deans of Students, and those communications will be frequent, weekly to bi-weekly, as a way of offering support.

The school district has resumed the practice of automated phone calls when students have unexcused absences in their Google Meets.  If your student has an excused reason to be absent, please call the school between 7 and 3 at 897-0110, and dial zero to be connected to a member of our clerical team who can assist.

In a poll of parents, with an 84% response rate, 72% of our parents would like their students to return to in-person learning when it's safe to do so.  

The Board of Education will review this and other important data to reach a decision on February 17th regarding the hybrid learning plan.

Cibola High School's hybrid learning plan has undergone structured analysis, and district leadership and the Fire Marshall have approved our hybrid plan when they came out in person to check our facility.

We will be in close communication when the time comes for in-person learning as we want to assure that everyone is on the same page as to procedures and expectations for a safe return to school.

Students who wish to continue only remote learning when in-person learning opportunities resume, will be able to do so.

As always, please, do not hesitate to reach out with questions.


Pamela Meyer, Principal

December 15th, 2020

Hello Parents and Guardians,

I want to provide a few pieces of targeted information that you will find helpful before we head off for a much needed Winter Break!

First, December 18th will be the last meal distribution time at Cibola for this Fall Semester.  Meal distribution will resume January 4th at Cibola every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the cafeteria doors/snack bar windows behind the school by the baseball field, outdoor basketball courts.  Junior lot gates open at 11 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

During Winter Break, meal distribution will take place on December 21st at the APS Food Services building on the SE corner of Louisiana and Lomas from 9-3.  16 meals will be distributed at that time to help support your families during Winter Break.

More Information on Meal Distribution Over Winter Break

Meal distribution at Cibola actually resumes January 6th, rather than January 4th.

Classes resume on January 5th for students using the same instructional schedule we have currently been using.

Next, we really need your help to complete the parent/student intention form.  We have 1,410 parents/students who have not yet responded.  I know you may be unsure if your son or daughter will come back to any type of in-person instruction when our APS Board of Education approves hybrid learning for high schools, but we need your best estimation now.  We need to plan, preliminarily, and without this information, we cannot make the best plan possible based on predicted numbers.  The intention form just take a minute.

Student Spring Intention Form

And, you can see Fall Semester, 2020 grades on January 7th.  Go onto Parent Vue and choose report card to review your students' progress.

If you have any questions, I'm here for you.

I am wishing you a wonderful holiday, and an essential break away from the computer screen:)

Thank you for all your support!

Pamela Meyer, Principal, Cibola High School