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Attendance Policy

Attendance in our remote learning is defined as evidence of “engaging with the assigned material at least one time per day.”

  • Evidence of “engaging in assigned material” will be measured by one of the following ways (include, but not limited to):
    • Attending scheduled classes (as applicable)
    • Logging into Google Meets, Google Classroom, and other online platforms.
    • Accessing assignments (online or via other methods)
    • Contacts with teachers via other modes (e.g. phone, in-person, email, etc.)
    • Engaging in / spending time on learning (regardless of mastery)
    • Accessing teacher / school learning supports.
    • Contacts with Teachers / EA’s during office hours and support sessions.
    • Handing in assignments (online upload, email, in-person)
  • By the end of the school day each Monday, teachers shall enter remote learning attendance into Synergy. Student attendance shall be based on the previous week.
  • It is expected that parents shall ensure that their child participates in the remote learning plan.
  • Parents do not need to call if their child is unavailable for the designated class time, as long as the student has some type of engagement for that day. 
  • If a student will not be able to participate in any remote learning activity for any given day, it is advised that the student email the teacher to communicate that absence.
  • The student will receive a ‘no contact’ absence when:
    • A student does not participate in any of the learning activities for the day,
    • Or has not checked in with a teacher

We are aware that all family and student circumstances may vary, especially during these unprecedented circumstances. Your student’s advisory teacher is available to help assist with the success of your student during this time. Should you have any questions about this policy, or remote learning in general, please feel free to reach out to the Deans of Students’, Robert Fabert or Carmella Salazar