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Fine Arts

2019 Band All-State Musicians


Jayden Chavez on Percussion

MJ Robinson on Tenor Saxophone

Deandra Ward on Flute


Dillon Hauke on Flute,

Kevin Johnson on Trumpet


Jacob Marquis on Baritone Saxophone

Ron Thurman on Bassoon

Zach Nowlin on Trumpet


Marcos Cordova on Clarinet

Fine Arts Image

Fine Arts Faculty

Natalie Frost, Drama

Bryan Gonzales, Orchestra

Ryan Hatch, Choir/Piano

Sara Linn, Art I & Art II

Sarah McHaffie, Visual Arts/Computer Graphics

Jennifer Mason, Ceramics

Nathan Matherne, Band/Steel Band

Eduardo Trujillo, Guitar/AP Music Theory

Tom Wiberg, Drawing&Painting

Cibola's Island Breeze Steel Pan Band under the direction of Nathan Matherne, M.M., performed as part of the Steel Band Collective as the 2019 NMMEA All-State General Music Honor Ensemble. Congratulations!

2018 NMMEA 7

Guitar Honor Group

Santiago Velasquez 

Melina Moreno 

Akera Jaramillo 

Kahleya Chapman 

Jordyn Redd 

Cheyanna Arellano

Bethany Chavez 

Lila Castellano

 Ashely Lucero 

Marcos Chaves 

Aaliyah Romero 

Tristan Bates 

Lorenzo Notah 

Tate Mann 

Alejandro Juarros 

2019 All-State
All-State Soloists

2019 Choral All-State Musicians 


Joliana Davidson --4th year

Arin Cederberg -- 2nd year

Stephen Miller  -- 2nd year

Quiara Cortez

Jacob Stelly 

Congratulations to the 2019 Southwest Honor Band Participants from Cibola!

Wind Symphony

Jayden Chavez

Maurice Robinson

Dillon Hauke

Ron Thurman


Symphonic Band

Matthew Babcock


Concert Band

Kelsi Kehoe-Looney

Kiley Reil

Jacob Marquis

Marcos Cordova

"O Fortuna" 2019 All-State Mixed Choir