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Principal's Message - Fall 2018
Posted 6/22/18

Hello Coogs!


Cougar Town is about to open our doors, and when we do, we'll be received by a fresh flow of refrigerated air.  Our roofing project will be done, and central cooling and heat will be our reward.  Also, we expect no more leaks either!  We will see some other new features to include a new track, refurbished cement in the front of the school, new asphalt by gym and PAC, and a new intercom and security camera system in the works.


This year, I intend to open school fully staffed.  We look forward to making high school great for your students!  We welcome a technology coach this year. Ms. Rolfe will help teachers feel more and more comfortable with placing technology in the hands of students to enhance engagement in education.  We will also welcome an additional counselor to add support to socially, emotionally and academically struggling students and families.

We will add In School Suspension this year as an alternative to out of school suspension when possible, and ISS will also serve as a tardy sweep for excessively late students out on campus without a classroom pass. Please help us encourage timeliness and accountability with our students.  Being in class is of utmost importance and we want to reinforce this expectation using more targeted measures.


Be advised that we have bolstered our Advisory Program to better match the needs of our students and families. Thank you to all who provided input as requested during our remodeling of the program last year.  Advisory will be held 1-2 times each month, and it's hugely important that students attend to prepare their senior portfolio, college applications, scholarship applications, increase employability skills and to help them with 21st Century soft skills such as engaging and confident public speaking, working in collaboration with others, and using technology with ease.  The program is designed such that students will have the same advisor all 4 years of high school.  This continuity will provide additional adult advocates for all students.


We are incorporating more student voice in education.  Last year, only 67% of 146 seniors surveyed feel like they are properly prepared to meet their goals outside of high school, and only 69% of these seniors feel that Cibola prepared them for life outside of high school.  We will be working to improve student confidence as they hurtle toward life after high school, and we'll continue to use student feedback to improve long term gains and graduation rates.


Cibola continues to improve graduation rates, moving up each year.  We will continue to make graduation a goal of utmost importance and will intensify support for our students and teachers.  We will examine student failure and grading practices that may harm more than help students to grow academically.


We cannot do this big job without your dedication and support, and I thank you for all that you've done to support your students and their school.


It's great to be a Cougar, and we have another good year planned.




Pamela Meyer