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Cell Phone Policy

Starting on April 8, 2024, Cibola High School will be implementing a cell phone policy that prohibits usage of cell phones during instructional time, unless staff designates otherwise. Cell phone usage is allowable during passing periods and at lunch, as we recognize that students have legitimate reasons to use their devices during the day. Students will also be asked to remove ear buds and put them away during instructional time.

Cibola Cell Phone Policy

Cibola High School is dedicated to creating a culture of learning which requires students to be fully engaged in their education and interact face-to-face with their peers and teachers. It has been proven that students who are on cell phones or other personal electronic devices during instructional time are not fully participating in their learning. In addition to disrupting the educational process, personal electronics have created security and safety issues, including, but not limited to, academic integrity/cheating, bullying, and harassment. In order to ensure an environment conducive to learning, the use of personal electronic devices will be regulated, and their use is prohibited during instructional time. 

Cell phones must be stored in classroom pocket holders or put away in backpacks as per teacher’s directive. They are not to be on the student’s person during instructional time. 

Violation of the cell phone policy will result in the following:

  • 1st Violation – Teacher issues a verbal warning. The warning is issued only one time per teacher per student, not one time per day. 
  • 2nd Violation – Teacher confiscates cell phone or electronic device, documents confiscation, parent notification, and returns to the student at the end of the period.
  • 3rd Violation – Teacher confiscation, documents second confiscation, parent notification, and returns to the student at the end of the period.
  • 4th Violation – Teacher confiscation, turned into front office, returned to the parent.
  • 5th Violation – Teacher confiscation, turned into front office and returned to parent after completion of community service.

Cell phones and other personal electronic devices are the responsibility of the student. If items are lost or stolen, Cibola High School is not responsible for searching for it, replacement, or reimbursement.