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In Person Learning Updates

Bell Schedule:

Monday Tuesday/Thursday Wednesday/Friday
1st Period 7:25 – 8:08 1st Period 7:25 – 8:20 1st Period 7:25 – 8:20
2nd Period 8:15 – 8:59
Advsy & Ann 9:06 – 9:36 2nd Period 8:27 – 10:10 3rd Period 8:27 – 10:10
3rd Period 9:43 – 10:27
4th Period 10:34 – 11:18
11:25 – 11:55
5th Period
11:25 – 12:09
10:17 – 10:47
4th Period
10:17 – 12:00
10:17 – 10:47
5th Period
10:17 – 12:00
5th Period
12:00 – 12:44
12:14 – 12:44
4th Period
10:52 – 12:35
12:05 – 12:35
5th Period
10:52 – 12:35
12:05 – 12:35
6th Period 12:51 – 1:35 6th Period 12:42 – 2:25 7th Period 12:42 – 2:25
7th Period 1:42 – 2:25
You have A lunch if your 4th/5th period is in E-Hall, the portables, or the gym.
You have B Lunch if your 4th/5th period is in A, B, C, D, or F Halls
  • We are requiring all students who commit to returning to campus for in-person instruction to commit to coming to school everyday unless they are sick.  If a student is sick, they must stay home on these days and, if able, participate in remote learning.
  • A student/family can change their minds and a student begin coming to school to learn at any point; Likewise, students can return to remote learning at any point.  No communication with school is required to do this.
  • Teachers will teach in-person learners at the same time they are teaching at-home learners.
  • Students at home will log in to each class period, and should remain logged in throughout each class.
  • This is the schedule we will use for ALL LEARNERS as of April 5th:
  • Cibola High School Bell Schedule Effective April 5, 2021 for All Students 

Here are a few pointers:

  • Pre-packaged breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students at NO COST.  The snack bar will not be in use.  Vending Machines will be stocked.
  • Seniors may leave campus for lunch.  Only seniors can park in the senior lot.  School ID's will be provided to only seniors this semester
  • No parking permits will be required.  
  • Grab and Go Meals will be provided for remote learners at different sites in the city.  Visit for information.
  • Students must bring their fully charged Chromebooks to campus each day.  They should bring their own water bottles each day.  Water fountains will not be in use.
  • Air Conditioning will be on in full April 5th for the remainder of the semester.  Dress in layers.
  • Students may not share materials.
  • Teacher laptop cameras will be used in the classroom to benefit remote learners; used only for instructional purposes to equitably reach all learners.
  • No class materials can be shared.
  • No PE uniforms are required; students are asked to wear their own workout clothing; no locker or weight rooms will be used.

School Safety:

  • If you would like to review our readiness to return to school safely, review Return to School Safely
  • Students will gain an in-person return tutorial during Advisory, March 29th, which will include:
    • Students and staff are required to wear face masks on campus unless eating or drinking.  Eating and drinking will occur in concourse, cafeteria or outdoors only.  For drinks of water during class time, students can step into hallway briefly.
    • Face shields do NOT substitute for Face Masks.
    • Students who are defiant with the Face Mask rule, following reminders and warnings, will be sent home and will not be allowed to return to in-person learning this semester.
    • COVID positive cases may result in school shut downs; PED/APS makes this decision case by case.
    • AC will be on in all classes April 5th to help with ventilation.  Dress accordingly.
    • The instructional schedule will allow for two lunches, and is a standardized, approved high school schedule.
    • We are expected to socially distance to the greatest extent possible.
    • Campus and Restroom Vigilance and Supervision will be ongoing throughout the day.
    • We will do the best we possibly can, and we are ready to do just that with your help and support!