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CAD Engineering I

CAD Engineering II

CAD Engineering III

CAD Engineering IV

Intro to Robotics I

Engineering & Robotics

What is CAD Engineering?

  • Computer Aided Drafting where students utilize computers to learn advanced drafting techniques while applying engineering theories and standards to solve design problems. 
  • To prepare technologically literate students for success in an ever-changing technological workplace. 

Program Design

Designed to help students develop an appreciation for an understanding of engineering through the study and appreciation of materials, tools, and processes of the past and present.  This series of courses allows students to apply mechanical drafting skills with tools, and team work to the solve problems.

Why take CAD Engineering?

  • Excellent Program of Study for aspiring engineers after high school.
  • If you enjoy problem solving and making a difference in society
  • If you like design work and fabrication of prototypes
  • Completing all 4 levels of CAD Engineering earns students a Engineering Cord for graduation.

Program of Study Courses

  • CAD Engineering 1
  • CAD Engineering 2
  • CAD Engineering 3
  • CAD Engineering 4 (Optional Dual Credit with UNM Mechanical Engineering - ME160L)

Intro to Robotics 1

What is Robotics?

  • Designed to teach the student DC, AC, and digital circuit principles, functions of electronic devices, electronic assembly, and fabrication methods.
  • Understanding that electronics incorporate chemistry, physics, and technology concepts into electronic design solutions.

Program Design

Designed to foster a group work environment. Students work in groups to learn and develop mechanically sound robots to accomplish specific tasks. 

Robotics Competition Team

VEX Robotics is a world-wide organization that offers students a platform for learning and understanding science, technology, engineering, and math.

Our teams compete year-round at local events with the season culminating in February at the VEX Robotics State Championship, located at New Mexico State University. If our team were to win at State, we would be eligible for the VEX World Championship.

This tournament brings the best teams from all over the world together and allows them to compete for scholarship opportunities and gain engineering knowledge.

State Champions

Club Accomplishments

  • 2019-2020 Season
    • 2020 New Mexico State Design Award Winners
    • 2020 Tournament Champion at UNM Regional Tournament
  • 2018-2019 Season
    • 2019 New Mexico State Champions
    • 1st Place In Skills Challenge During 2019 State Competition
    • 2018 Excellence At The UNM Regional Tournament
  • 2017-2018 Season
    • 2018 New Mexico State Champions
    • 1st Place In Skills Challenge During 2018 State Competition
    • 2017 Design Award At The UNM Regional Tournament
    • 2017 Amaze Award At The UNM Regional Tournament
Team Picture