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  • Doug Dorame - Athletic Director
    • Phone: (505) 897-0110 Ext. 40185
  • Yvette Pomponi - Athletic Trainer

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Student Athlete Consent Forms on DragonFly

All forms for APS athletics are now digital. Please read the entirety of these instructions before beginning this process. These forms are available on DragonFly. Once you visit this website hit the sign up for free button! The parent must create an account under their name with their email address. Once that is completed you as the parent will be able to add your student athlete(s) under that account. Since 99.9% or so of our students are not 18 years old or older the student account must be under the parent account since the parent is the one who will be signing the majority of the forms. I highly recommend you and your student athlete sit down together and complete these digital forms as well as the 3 forms that will be required to be uploaded into that student athlete DragonFly profile.

Steps for Filling out Forms

  1. Visit DragonFly
  2. Sign Up for Free if you are a first-time user. Log back into your parent account if you did this last year.
  3. First time users will need to verify their account sent to the email address you provided.
  4. Click the ‘Connect to your school association’. Choose Cibola HS in NM and not Cibola HS in Yuma, AZ.
  5. After choosing the school your student athlete will be playing for or trying out at click ‘Join’ to request access to that school. Parents of 8th graders choose Cibola HS in NM and not the middle school your student athlete attends. Host parents of international exchange student, you must create an account and have the exchange student added under your account since they are not 18 years old or older or ask their parents to create the account.
  6. Once your parent account is set up you will be able to click the add child button. Please follow the prompts to add your student athletes. While you wait to be approved for that school you may begin completing all the required documents.
  7. Please remember there are only 3 pages that need to be uploaded. (Physical Exam form, Medical Eligibility, and the certificate from the NFHS course called Concussion for Students. The link for this course is in DragonFly under the section labeled concussion for students. Parents…you do not need to take the course, but your student athlete does! Please do not upload the entire NMAA physical form packet into any of the sections, again, only 3 pages need to be uploaded.
  8. Complete all forms digitally with the exception of the 3 required uploads.
  9. Forms are available in Spanish in paper form only at this time. Please contact Yvette Pomponi to receive those documents and further instructions for completing DragonFly.

For best results do not use a cell phone to complete any of these tasks.

Although you might be able to do it, people often run into issues. It is best to use a laptop or desktop computer when creating and completing DragonFly. For further assistance, questions, comments, concerns, please email Yvette Pomponi.