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Official transcripts must be sent directly by the Registrar. An official transcript request form must be completed, signed, and submitted. The first four transcripts are free; each additional transcript costs $1.00.

Transcripts can also be requested through

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Counseling Department

Welcome to Cibola High School's Counseling Department.

We look forward to working with all students and parents at Cibola. We have included important information on our web pages. Check back frequently for new and updated information.

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Video Resources

As High School Counselors we not only assist our students with academic planning but also with social/emotional health. Our team collaborated on the different "issues" that we most often hear about from our students/parents and compiled this video resource library! 

Class of 2018
Contact Jennifer Tuttle  Jennifer Tuttle (505) 897-0110 ex: 40160 Counselor - Class of 2017
Class of 2019
Contact Eliseo Montoya  Eliseo Montoya (505) 897-0110 ex: 40159 Counselor - Class of 2019
Class of 2020
Contact Margie Mora  Margie Mora (505) 897-0110 ex: 40212 Counselor - Class of 2020
Class of 2021
Contact Vicki Gonzalez  Vicki Gonzalez (505) 897-0110 ex: 40061 Counselor - Class of 2021
College/Career Dept Chair
Contact Joe Sena  Joe Sena (505) 897-0110 ex: 40166 College / Career Counselor - Grades 9-12
Crossroads/ Substance Abuse Counselor
Contact Lisa Searle  Lisa Searle (505) 897-0110 ex: 40141 Crossroads Counselor
Contact Terry Veth  Terry Veth (505) 897-0110 ex: 40043 Registrar
Data Processor
Contact Sherie Nielsen  Sherie Nielsen (505) 897-0110 ex: 40213 Data Processor