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Clubs and Organizations




Clubs and Organizations



Sponsor: Nathan Matherne           Room: A-3          Ext. 40131    Email: or


The Golden Regiment Band is centered on the love of music and commitment.  The Band performs at sporting events, has concerts, travels, and represents CHS at competitions. Other activities within the band program include Beginning Band, Concert Band, “Shockwave Percussion Ensemble”, “Silver Strings” Full Orchestra, Marching Band and Jazz Band.


Band is a class that meets every day.  During marching season, students must also take a zero hour marching band class.  Students can join band each fall.



Sponsor: Kim DelMargo               Room: F-5               Ext. 40079       Email:     


Cibola has an active chapter of BEST BUDDIES International. BEST BUDDIES was founded in 1989 by Anthony Kennedy Shriver and has grown into a leading nonprofit organization established in over 40 nations around the world. BEST BUDDIES High Schools works to match students with intellectual disabilities with high school students from general education to create one-to-one friendships.


Best Buddies meets during lunch on Fridays in F-5.  Best Buddies continues to accept new members throughout the school year.


Black Student Union (BSU)

Sponsor:  Andrea R Burrell           Room: P-32 / P-14           Ext.40059          Email:


The Black Student Union at Cibola strives to support African American and minority students.  The goals of BSU are to ensure graduation of its members, assist them in receiving scholarships, and help them live productive lives.


BSU meets on Tuesdays at lunch in p-32 and is open to all students. New members are always welcome.

Book Club
Sponsor: Rebecca Wallace             Room: P48A       Ext. 40185   Email:        


The Cibola Book Club is open to all students interested in reading and discussing reading.  Our goals are to promote literacy, to provide an environment where people can read as a group and have a stimulating conversation, to expand reading genres, to have fun, and to meet literate people. 


Book Club Meets every Friday in P48A, new members are always welcome.

"Golden Touch" Color Guard

Sponsor: Nathan Matherne,         Room:A-3        Ext. 40131  or


The Cibola High School Color Guard is centered on the love of music, love of dance, love of performance, and commitment.  The Color guard performs with the marching band at sporting events, travels, and represents CHS at competitions. Other activities within the color guard program include Winter Guard which happens during the months of December through March.  It is an indoor activity exploring the art of pageantry and the group travels to various competitions in the greater Albuquerque area.  Anyone with dedication may try out as beginners are welcome.


Color Guard members must take zero marching band in the fall, and first period band all year long.  Typically, new members only join in the fall.







Bowling Club

Sponsor: Bill Putz                       Room: C-1         Ext 40156          Email:      


The bowling club does not bowl in sanctioned tournaments, but instead offers students a fun place to hone their games in a non-competitive setting.  Bowling is a great social activity that shows students a sport that can be enjoyed long after high school.   


Bowling Club meets every Tuesday afternoon at 3:25 pm at Ten Pins and More from August 25th through May 5th. New Members are always welcome.


Bowling Team (Club Sport)

Sponsor: Jessica Ward                 Room:off campus             Email:      


The Bowling Team provides students the opportunity to play and compete in a sport not offered under the NMAA.  The bowling team is a club sport that competes in NMHSBA sponsored bowling events throughout the school year.  Students must provide their own transportation to and from tournaments.


Bowling team’s season runs throughout the winter and spring.  The bowling team practices on Thursday afternoons and either practices or has tournaments on Saturday mornings.



Sponsor: Robert Hampton             Room/Ext.:  off campus                Email:


Chess Club provides an environment for students to play chess, advance their skill, and have fun.  The students in chess club will have the opportunity to compete in chess meets.


Chess Club is always accepting new members.  Chess Club is currently in the process of changing their meeting dates.  They meet after school in the concourse.  Please contact Mr. Hampton via email for more information.



Sponsor: Ryan Hatch                   Room: A-2   Ext. 40100      Email:

Come join a tradition of excellence with the Cibola High School Choral Department. There is a choir for everyone, from beginning to advanced. Be a part of excellence!


Choir is taken as a class throughout the school year.  See Mr. Hatch in the spring to determine which choir group is right or you.


Class of 2017

Sponsor: Colin Norwalk               Room: D-3      Ext. 40147        Email:


The Class of 2017 is a division of Student Senate.  The primary responsibility of the Class of 2016 is Homecoming. 


Please see “Student Senate” for more info


Class of 2018

Sponsor:            Dawn Carmody   Gaye Faulkner    Carmella Muniz  Paula Sims

Room:              E-4                   C-17                 E-6                   E-13

Extension:          40169                40031/40196      40099                40080




The Class of 2018 is a division of Student Senate.  The primary responsibility of the Class of 2017 is Prom. 


Please see “Student Senate” for more info


Class of 2019

Sponsor:            Kristen Baldonado          Dr. Vicky Bannerman      Reina Serrano     Jeff Ulibarri

Room:               E-36                              E-7                               E-31                  P-46

Extension:          40113                            40003                            40167                40179



The Class of 2018 is a division of Student Senate. The primary responsibility of the Class of

2019 is Winter Ball. 


Please see “Student Senate” for more info


Class of 2020

Sponsor:            Sarah Legate     

Room:               F-12     

Extension:          40136



The Class of 2018 is a division of Student Senate. The primary responsibility of the Class of

2020 is senior breakfast. 


Please see “Student Senate” for more info.



Sponsor: Steve Medina                 Room: B-5          Ext. 40053         Email:


DECA is an association of marketing students.  The student group supplements the marketing education program through a variety of activities.  Members of DECA participate in leadership, social, civic, and business activities.  Students enrolled in a marketing education class are automatically members of Cibola DECA, New Mexico DECA, and International DECA.  Students may earn a Cibola High School activity letter for their service.


Students can participate in DECA without enrolling in business and marketing classes by working in the DECA snack bar, and by attending after school and weekend events. Contact Mr. Medina for more information.


Drama/ Theatre

Sponsor: Aleita Kiwanuka            Room: A-4          Ext. 40110/40111              Email:


Drama allows students to participate in all aspects of performance.  Students can sing, dance, act, produce, write, direct, stage manage, create sets, create wardrobes, and work on lighting.  Drama helps students learn all about the theater and helps those interested in a drama related career.


Drama and stagecraft courses are offered throughout the school year, but students may also audition for productions without enrolling in the course.  Students that are casted for parts are responsible for rehearsals after school and on weekends. 


For more info, email Ms. K.  Also, pay attention for casting calls that are advertises through announcements and posted flyers.




Sponsor: Lorraine Leftwich          Room: P-19        Ext. 40116  


Cibola's French Club meets every Monday at lunch in Mrs. Greenberg's room.  It is a social club for students who are interested in French language and culture.  Typical meetings include games, music and activities where students can have fun using their French.  We also plan French movie nights, game nights, French food potlucks and any special events such as museum exhibits of French art, etc.  French Club is the best place to meet other students at Cibola who are interested in French language and culture.


French Club meets every other Monday at lunch in P-19.  French Club is currently accepting new members; however, students that join after November 9th are not eligible to letter this school year.


French National Honor Society

Sponsor: Lorraine Leftwich          Room: P-19        Ext. 40116  


French National Honor Society is an academic honor society focused on French excellence in secondary education and promotes a continuity of interest in French studies.  Community service is mandatory for the organization, as well as a high grade point average overall.


FNHS meets every other Monday at lunch in P-19.  Membership in FNHS is by academic achievement and invitation only.  Students are encouraged to join French Club, and then if invited, join FNHS.  The two clubs meet at the same time and work together extensively.



Gay Straight Alliance

Sponsor: Colin Norwalk               Room: D-7         Extension:  40081  


The Gay-Straight Alliance provides a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth and their straight allies.  This club strives to create acceptance in the community of all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


Gay Straight Alliance meets Wednesdays at lunch in D-7 and are accepting new members.




Sponsor: Eduardo Trujillo                        Room: A-1          Ext. 40178         Email:         


Guitar is a great way for new players as well as experienced musicians to improve their skills and enjoy playing this instrument.

Guitar is a credit-earning class.  Sign up for piano during spring pre-registration.



Cougar Ice Hockey Club

Sponsor: Les Miller                     Room: D-10     Ext. 40137       Email:


Ice Hockey in the desert. Yes, Cibola’s coed team is a force to be reckoned with. Whether you are a boy or a girl, whether you can ice skate or not you are welcome to join our club. We are the coolest sport at Cibola High School.


Ice Hockey’s season runs throughout the fall and winter.  Interested players must be able to provide transportation to Blades for evening practices, and to games, both in town and out of town.


International Club

Sponsor: Penny Madanick             Room: E-35        Ext. 40127         Email:

International Club promotes the understanding and appreciation of other cultures around the world. It is a place that provides Cibola’s Foreign Exchange Students the opportunity to make new friends with our school and its students and staff. International Club introduces students to travel opportunities to visit other countries.


International Club meets Wednesdays during lunch in E-35 and is always accepting new members.


Key Club

Sponsor: Lorie Smith                   Room: E-21        Ext.  40171        Email:


Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. What makes Key Club so successful is the fact that it is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through serving others. Members of the Kiwanis International family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities.


Key Club meets Friday mornings at 6:45 in E-Lecture.  New members welcome.





Literary Magazine

Sponsor: Jeff Tolley                     Room: F-10        Ext.  40177        Email:


Published once every spring, The Fount, the Literary Magazine of Cibola High School, is a collection of the best short stories, poetry, scripts, artwork, and essays submitted by Cibola's student-writers and artists. The staff of the magazine spends the year reading and then choosing the highest quality submissions voluntarily turned in to the magazine by students for potential publication. These submissions are then compiled into the magazine, which has been developed and designed by the staff throughout the year. Upon its publication, the staff is also involved in sales and marketing of the magazine to the Cibola community.


Cibola’s Literary Magazine Club will begin meeting soon to start working on this spring’s magazine.  Stay tuned to daily announcements for more information.  All interested students are welcome.



Sponsor: Jim Flores                     Room: P-4/6       Ext. 40087        


The MCJROTC program consists of five major subject areas: Leadership, Citizenship, Personal growth and Responsibility, Public, Service and Career Exploration, General Military Subjects.

Voluntary activities include: Armed Drill team, Unarmed Drill Team, Physical Fitness Team, Rifle Teams, Color Guards, Community Service Projects, Orientation trips.

Statewide inter-JROTC competitions, such as: Volleyball, Football, Softball, Basketball, and Bowling.


MCJROTC is a credit earning course.  If interested, contact Mr. Flores for more information, and register for the course during the spring pre-registration period.


MESA Science Club


Sponsor:            Sabra Smartt                 Bill Siefert

Room:               E-26                              E-23     

Room:               Ext. 40168                     Ext. 40170



New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (NM MESA) Inc., a non-profit organization, promotes educational enrichment for middle and high school students from historically underrepresented ethnic groups. NM MESA, in partnership with schools and universities, prepares these pre-college students for college and careers in mathematics, engineering, science and related fields. The students prepare for and compete in a variety of science competitions: MESA, Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, RoboRave, Science Scholarship money is available from MESA after graduation if achievement award requirements are met.


MESA meets every Wednesday after school in E-23.


Native American Club

Sponsor: Craig Garcia     Room:  P-21           Ext.   40064   Email:


Native American Club was created to give Native students a opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, a way to network with fellow Native students and to provide Native students a chance to stand out at Cibola High School.  We are looking to share and experience each others’ culture as we are from different tribes or locations.  The club is open to everyone.


The Native American Club meets every other Thursday at lunch in P-21 and is accepting new members.


National Art Honor Society

Sponsor: Laurel Worth                 Room: C-12        Ext.40194          Email:


The purpose of NAHS is to inspire and recognize art students who have shown outstanding ability in the Visual Arts.  We wish to bring art to the attention of our school and community while fostering excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art.  NAHS members increase an awareness of art in relation to other areas of the school curriculum.


NAHS meets at lunch on Tuesdays in C12 -- New members are welcome.


National Honor Society

Sponsor: Sarah Legate                 Room: F-12    Ext..40136    


The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organizations established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.  Students in NHS at Cibola volunteer their times tutoring students and participating in community service.


NHS meets every other Tuesday in E-lecture.  NHS is ppen to students once they have maintained three consecutive semesters of GPA 3.5 and above.  Sophomore spring is the earliest that students can join.



Sponsor: Lesley Valencia       Room: C-20/D12        Ext. 40033/40182                        Email: Valencia_l@aps.ed           

Students in newspaper apply journalistic skill and participate in specialized areas of the paper depending on interests and staffing needs.  Students gain skills in writing, editing, advertising, art, photography, and management.  A student generated newspaper is produced for the school.  Newspaper is a great club for students interested in a career in journalism.


Contact Ms. Valencia for more information.




Numismatic Association

Sponsor: Jason Hilligoss              Room D-5          Ext. 40101      Email:


The Cibola Numismatic Association is aimed at providing a forum for students and faculty who are interested in collecting coins and currency and promoting numismatic history and art. We have educational presentations on related topics and bi-weekly door prizes!


Cibola’s Numismatic Association is currently on hiatus. 


Operation Smile

Sponsor: Mary Jane Eastin           Room: D-9         Ext. 40082         Email:           


Operation Smile is a non-profit organization whose volunteers repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate for sustainable healthcare systems for children and families throughout the world.  Students at Cibola in Operation Smile work to raise funds to pay for these life-changing surgeries, create awareness about the organization in the community, and have the opportunity to participate in medical missions.


Operation smile meets every other Thursday in E-Lecture during lunch and accepts new members.



Sponsor: Nathan J. Matherne          Room: A-3     Ext. 40131    Email:


Orchestra focuses on the love of playing / performing standard orchestral repertoire and a commitment to the program. The group represents CHS in competitions and performs 2-3 concerts per semester. “Golden Strings” is our String Orchestra and “Silver Strings” is our Full Orchestra.


Orchestra is a credit-granting course.  If interested, see Mr. Matherne to determine the proper orchestral placement. 








Spanish National Honor Society

 Sponsor: Jose Arias                    Room: P-23        Ext. 40175        


The purpose of the Spanish Honor Society is to recognize the academic excellence of the Spanish language and promote a continuity of interest in Hispanic culture. Community service is fundamental for the organization, as well as attendance to the meetings and  high grade point average overall.


Speech & Debate

Sponsor: Justine Judway               Room:  C-8        ext.  40033         Email:


Speech and Debate is a dynamic club teaching the skills of debate and oral interpretation in a competitive setting. We compete with other schools each month in speech and debate meets.


Speech and Debate meets every Wednesday at lunch in P36 and is accepting new members.



Sponsor: Jeff Jones                      Room: E-17        Ext. 40105         Email: 


S-Troupe is an organization of writers, performers, and artists dedicated to the production and performance of original, expressive, written work. Simply put: the members of S-Troupe write, produce and, finally, perform their own poetic, dramatic, but mostly comedic scenes and sketches on stage or on video and film. Founded at Cibola High School in 2005, S-Troupe is also committed to promoting writing and literacy through outreach programs to local elementary and middle schools.


To become an S-Troupe cast member, students must audition in late April/early May for the following season.  Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors that are academically eligible, are invited to audition.


Student Senate

Sponsor: Jeanine Chavez              Room: Activities Office     Ext.40012          Email:


Student Senate is a great way to get involved at Cibola.  Senate puts on dances and other fun school activities, raises money for charities, and does community service. Students in Senate gain leadership skills and learn to work with others.  All senators have the opportunity to go to Central District meetings, and outstanding senators are able to attend the New Mexico Association of Student Councils State Conference.  Senate gives back to the school and community while having fun. 


Senate is a credit-granting course that meets every Tuesday and Thursday during zero hour.  Students are encouraged to apply to become a senator this spring for the next school year.



Sponsor:            Justine Judway                           

Room:               C-20                                                    

Ext.                   40033                           



Yearbook students generate authentic work producing a yearbook for the school and community.  Students gain skills and experience throughout the year and end up with a product that represents Cibola.


Yearbook is a credit-granting course.  Students interesting in being a part of Cibola’s Yearbook program should register for yearbook during spring pre-registration.