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Principal's Message

A Message From Principal Meyer

Principal Memo, Update, February 26, 2018


Dear Cibola Community,


Following the Volcano Vista/Cibola conflict, cancelation of winter balls at VV and CHS,  retaliatory student threat statements, intense investigation, and high school tragedies, community outcry, more “copy-cat” threat statements directed at multiple schools across many states, and a community outreach, it has been a trying and tense time, a sad and frightening time in our country and here at home, and yet we prevail every day in providing excellent public education for our students in a safe environment. Thank you for supporting your school through thick and thin.


There is absolutely no doubt that we can keep improving upon our school security practices and processes, and you have my commitment that we will. We are taking input from our students, parents, and staff members to put our collective wisdom to the task of regaining our sense of security and stability, although our processes are just as solid as they were before the acts of school violence.  We are apt to compare recent school crisis across our country to our own selves and school, and I understand that urgency, and that parallel, because we see a pattern we could become part of…and we all want and demand action, changes, input and immediate resources.


The students are wanting voice as well, and we are meeting with senators, have extended an invitation to club sponsors to send a student representative from each club to speak with activities director. This information shared with us, will be shared with district leadership during a safety summit coming up.  We have asked all teachers to poll their third period classes in order to take student ideas and put them into a survey database to compile and share with school and district leadership.  We will share information directly with students about how they can get involved in writing to or contacting decision-makers to share their concerns and ideas, and will provide information to students as they may choose/or consider being part of the national protest which occurs this month on a Saturday.


We are discouraging school walkouts as they tend to disrupt the school day and educational process, and we think we can all attend classes and get our voices heard powerfully as well, and we want to do both of those things.


Just know, that some campus safety revisions come at a cost and large-scale undertaking, and some are small changes that we can look to make that will have a big impact and cost nothing, and there are both things we can achieve now and more costly things we may be able to achieve soon while taking into account time and resources. We will continue to secure our campus with fidelity even given its size and stature. We acknowledge those challenges and will seek to continue to prioritize safety and an excellent education, building academic and safety confidence as matters of major importance in a school day.


Please keep us informed as you may know of anything we need to look into.  There is information on our website as to where to report things that could compromise our safety.


You will receive information in a safety situation as soon as the matter is quickly reviewed to determine what communication, if any must be shared.   Our school is committed to protecting our children, and we do not take that responsibility lightly.


Please remember to remain more empowered and passionate than you are tentative and uncertain as that positivity build momentum rather than possible deflation.  Cibola High School is still just as great as it was before we experienced trauma as schools holding hands across the nation.  You are the story, the reputation, part of something great. Know that and embrace it. Be sure to take confidence in the power of reporting and sharing information when and if received.  Tell teachers, administrators, school security if you know of something that could cause harm at our school.  Thank you to all who have reported diligently and who have provided ideas, support and well-wishes as well.


We are graduating more students, preparing students for their future goals and dreams, and we are doing this together, not apart.  Let’s continue on that mission and remember our Cougar Pride all day every day.




Principal Meyer


Principal Memo February 26, 2018.docx